857484_439865292755978_1697072327_oKudos to the police. When police officers found this dog lying on the side of the street with ribs showing prominently, they assumed he was malnourished and dehydrated. They left and came back with taco meat and water to find that the dog had not moved one inch. On closer inspection, they realized that the dog was badly injured. When bystanders saw the police trying to move the dog, they volunteered that the dog had been hit by a car five hours prior and was assumed dead. Even though the dog was in serious pain and crying out when they tried to move him, he only wagged his tail at the officers. They named the dog Philly after their sergeant.The officers transported Philly to a veterinarian. The bad news was a severely broken leg, two broken ribs, and foreign objects in the stomach – adding up to more than $10K in potential vet care. The good news, or so they thought, was that Philly was microchipped. Officers delivered the news that the dog had been found to the owners’ front door, but the dog’s family instructed them to put the Philly to sleep. The three police officers pictured here instead chose to be the pup’s foster parents and try to save him.

See more photos of this heart-warming effort and thank these officers for their compassion on Philly’s facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/RescuingPhilly

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