887403_441344552608052_1896194766_oStray Cat Woman Beats the IRS – Fostering Pets Can Be Tax Deductible: After a fight that dragged on for more than six years, Jan Van Dusen, age 59, beat the IRS in 2011 when a U.S. Tax Court declared that fostering pets can be tax deductible. Jan Van Dusen fostered 70 cats in 2004 and declared $12K in deductions on her taxes including food, vet bills, litter, a portion of utility bills, cleaning supplies, and more. The IRS challenged her deductions, but Van Dusen scratched her way to victory. The U.S. Tax Court finally decided that fostering pets could be considered a tax deductible donation to the charity organization under certain circumstances:
• You are fostering for a 501-C3 nonprofit organization such as the Twin County Humane Society or the Wythe County Humane Society.
• You keep separate record of your fostering expenses.
• You itemize your deductions. If you don’t itemize your deductions already, this wouldn’t apply to you.
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