891949_443342085741632_1269657114_oIt’s safer and inexpensive. Cryosurgery proves ideal for removal of growths such as warts, cysts, benign tumors, etc. – especially in sensitive areas such as the eyelid, mouth, and perianal region. With this new capacity in veterinary medicine, our surgical equipment can spray a fine jet of cryogen with a freezing power at -127° F. Pinpoint accuracy to the millimeter helps avoid collateral tissue damage. Some surgeries that others refer to specialty hospitals can now be performed as outpatient procedures at Healing Springs.

• Far less painful than traditional options. Only minor discomfort.
• No general anesthesia needed.
• No pain meds needed.
• No follow-up appointments need to be scheduled.
• Safer.
• Less expensive.

If your pet has a problematic growth, schedule an exam at Healing Springs Animal Hospital. If the growth needs to be removed and cryosurgery is an option, we can often perform the procedure and send your pet home the same day.

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