131217_443383739070800_827755788_oSome vets don’t see emergencies or refer you to faraway places for basic procedures. When you have an emergency, do you want to go to the veterinarian who knows your pet and has your pet’s medical records? Of course you do. When choosing a vet, take into account that practice’s emergency procedures. Make your regular vet a practice that has responsive emergency care. For Healing Springs clients, we have two vets on call every night, 365 days a year – making for a very responsive emergency service. Healing Springs Animal Hospital is dedicated to the human-animal bond. Even though our vets work a full week in the office, we dutifully take the emergency calls of our clients while we are at home in the evenings and on holidays. We do this because all the vets of Healing Springs truly care about the pet members of your family. Trust Healing Springs.
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