892637_445468185529022_187319942_oHow vets hide high prices and how to know better: Shopping a few prices is of limited value long-term because vets keep “shoppable” services priced at a minimum while maintaining higher profit margins for the “non-shoppable” services. It’s the “non-shoppable” services that usually make up the majority of spending on veterinary care. Long term, what will influence the amount of money you spend on veterinary care, more than anything? It is the practice’s ability to deliver a fast and accurate diagnosis followed by the most effective treatment.

So how can you know how a veterinarian’s bills will really add up in the long run? Bundle.com. Bundle.com has access to credit card spending records. Based on all credit card charges (not just the shoppable services), they score local businesses on popularity, customer loyalty, and price. For price, Bundle.com will rate your local veterinarians from one $ to $$$$$. Despite the fact that we offer advanced procedures at our hospital (e.g. master’s level orthopedic surgery, echocardiograms, endoscopy, digital x-ray, etc.), Healing Springs Animal Hospital prices are the lowest – a Bundle.com rating of one $! Check it out: http://bundle.com/merchant/detail/healing-springs-animal-hospita-galax-va-3527697/#rankings

We also continue to be very grateful that we have the highest customer loyalty ratings in Galax, Carroll, Grayson, and Surry.

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