734323_446621902080317_12826973_nDid you know that veterinary acupuncture for pain control is comparable to major opioid drugs with none of the side effects? This was verified in a study published recently in the British Journal of Anesthesiology.* Researchers compared the effects of Chinese electroacupunture to butorphanol for pain control in dogs after a spay. Acupuncture compared very well. In this photo, Dr. Jenkins demonstrates electroacupunture.

Healing Springs provides Certified Veterinary Acupuncture. We DO NOT use acupuncture for pain control after surgeries, but we find it very helpful for other cases such as chronic back pain in pets, severe arthritis, pets that can’t walk due to neurological conditions, and much more. This plus the area’s only FDA-cleared cold laser therapy gives us some advantages over pharmaceutical only medical care.

*Reference: Groppetti, D. E. B. O. R. A., A. M. Pecile, P. Sacerdote, V. A. L. E. R. I. O. Bronzo, and G. I. U. L. I. A. N. O. Ravasio. “Effectiveness of electroacupuncture analgesia compared with opioid administration in a dog model: a pilot study.”British journal of anaesthesia 107, no. 4: 612-618.

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