894022_449615905114250_1269214342_oHolly the cat appears to have traveled 200 miles to get back home. Very little is known about how cats navigate or how Holly, a four-year-old tortoiseshell, might have done this. A good Samaritan, the foresight to microchip, and one seriously determined cat added up to one happy ending.

Bonnie and Jacob Richter took Holly on their road trip to Daytona Beach last year. Unfortunately, Holly shot out the door of their RV into a crowded RV park and could not be found. Despite searches, posting flyers, and alerting local shelters, the Richters had to return home to West Palm Beach without Holly. Amazingly, Holly recently showed up in the back yard of a West Palm Beach home – 200 miles from where she had been lost. She had lost half her weight (from 14 to 7 pounds), and her paws were bloody. Lucky for Holly, a good Samaritan took her to the veterinarian. Holly’s front claws were sharp while her back claws were almost worn completely down – suggesting a great deal of purposeful walking. The veterinarian found a microchip in Holly, and they were able to reunite her with her family.

Who says cats aren’t loyal friends?

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