Lyme disease has now reached extreme proportions in our region. We have completed a review of all the Lyme disease tests run at our hospital over the past year, and we are finding that 32% of these tests are coming back positive. Healing Springs now recommends that Lyme Disease be one of the standard vaccinations for all dogs.

Otherwise vaccinated dogs are often not vaccinated against Lyme disease. In Virginia and North Carolina, many vets have not included Lyme disease vaccination in their normal recommendations. We recommend that dog owners check their records and/or contact their animal hospital to verify Lyme disease vaccination. Healing Springs Animal Hospital clients can call (276) 236-5103.

The CDC has issued a warning that Lyme disease, most prevalent in the northeastern states, is spreading south and west. Since 2005, the incidence of Lyme disease in humans more than tripled in Virginia. Lyme disease is more prevalent in dogs than in humans.

In North Carolina as a whole, the statewide data does not indicate a dramatic increase in Lyme disease prevalence. However, it is possible that the mountainous areas of northwest North Carolina are more like Southwest Virginia than they are like Charlotte and Raleigh. For instance, the CDC shows that, comparing 1997-through-2001 to 2002-through-2006 in Ashe County, the number of cases of reported Lyme disease in humans more than tripled.

Lyme disease is a serious infection carried by deer ticks. Lyme disease can be deadly. Early symptoms include depression, joint swelling, and shifting leg lameness. When dogs are infected, the earlier you treat, the higher the likelihood of complete resolution. The scary part of Lyme disease is that the current science suggests the infection can live in the joints of your dog for years before symptoms manifest.

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