Fourth of July Dogs Run Away copyFourth of July celebrations can be a lot of fun for people, but for your pets, all of the week’s events and excitement can be scary.


To help your pet around potential stress, consider these tips.


*Be prepared to leave abruptly if taking your pets to fireworks displays. Owners are often surprised by how their dogs can become panicked in response to fireworks and run away. Keep a good grip on a short leash during fireworks.


*This is a great time to make sure that your pet is wearing an ID collar and is microchipped in the event they do run away. Keep your dog on a leash when out and about.


*Keep pets away from other potential hazards associated with the July 4th holiday such as matches, lighter fluid, and food and drink that are dangerous to your canine or feline’s health (guacamole for example).


*Keep your dogs and cats inside and away from crowds to help them feel protected. Pets that are crate trained may feel safest inside their crates.


*Consider boarding your animals if you will be traveling during this holiday week. This may be a better option than leaving them at home largely unattended if neighbors are enjoying fireworks.


The patriotic pooch photo comes to us courtesy of Mr. Randy Robertson.


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