Birdproof windowBirds flying into windows and walls is a common sight. In fact, it is estimated that more than 100 million birds die each year because of accidentally flying into glass windows and doors. One major reason birds are attracted to windows is because they often reflect the sky. The good news is there are several ways you can make your windows safer for birds.

  1. Window Alerts- These are low-tack decals. When placed on the glass, they reflect the ultraviolet component of the sunlight. In turn, the birds realize the window is just a reflection. Birds have far better eyesight than humans and, therefore, can see the UV rays and distinguish between different light frequencies. Sun ornaments, crystal objects, screens and shades can also help serve the purpose of reducing reflection.
  2. Hawk Simulator- Most smaller birds will avoid hawks. A hawk silhouette can be placed on your windows or glass doors to discourage birds from flying in that direction. Hang the silhouette on the outside of the window or door with a suction cup and a piece of clear fishing line so that it will swing in the wind.
  3. Birdhouse Placement- A simple way to reduce bird collisions is to not place birdhouses near or on top of clear glass windows and doors. Along the same lines, avoid hanging plants in front of windows or doors because birds may seek shelter in the plant.

Have you tried one or more of these options? Do you have other tips you can share on bird proofing your windows?

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