Three Ways to Spay


Did you know there are three types of spays – broadly speaking? More importantly, do you know how to ask the right questions and make sure you are getting the type of spay that is best for your pet?

In all spays, the ovaries are removed. But in the most common type of spay in our area, the uterus is also removed unnecessarily, because it is tradition. Removing the uterus causes unnecessary surgical disruption and has no advantages. The better option is to only remove the ovaries. Removing only the ovaries has all the same advantages of the more common type of spay, but is less disruptive internally and can be done with a smaller incision. Removing only the ovaries doesn’t even cost more. So why would you put your pet through an unnecessary hysterectomy?

Healing Springs is the first and only veterinary hospital in the region to do away with elective hysterectomies / ovariohysterectomies. Learn more on this page of our website:

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