Xylitol is a sugar alcohol used in some sugar free gums, mouthwash, and a few other products. In addition, pet owners are being warned that some brands of nut butters contain this sugar substitute. These brands include P28 peanut spread, Nuts ‘N More, and Krush Nutrition’s Nutty by Nature. Although these products are high-protein nut butter spreads, they are often confused with peanut butter by dogs and humans alike. Most dogs like peanut butter and seem to enjoy licking it off a spoon or trying to get it out of a rubber toy. It is important to carefully read ingredient labels and not to assume that what is safe for humans is also safe for pets. In humans, Xylitol is proven safe, but in dogs, Xylitol tricks the body into producing insulin like it would for real sugar. Blood sugar levels drop rapidly. Liver failure and/or seizures can result. As a general safety rule, you may want to be cautious about keeping anything sugar-free out of reach of your dogs. If your pet consumes a product containing Xylitol, call us immediately.

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