Cancer is a leading cause of death in dogs age 10 and older. About half of these cancers are curable if caught early. Lymphoma and bone cancer are two of the most common in dogs. Some breeds also seem to be prone to certain cancers. Below are some common symptoms of cancer in dogs to look out for.

Overall, the symptoms of cancer in dogs are like that in humans, but some specific signs to look for are as follows:

• Sores that do not heal.

• Abnormal swelling that continues to grow or does not go away.

• Sudden loss of appetite.

• Weight Loss.

• Difficulty swallowing.

• Bleeding or discharge from bodily openings.

• Persistent body stiffness.

• Enlarged lymph nodes.

• Difficulty breathing.

• Difficulty going to the bathroom.

Any sudden changes in their bodies or behaviors are potential warning signs. Consult a veterinarian immediately if you suspect something. Timing makes a crucial difference in cancer treatment.

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