Keeping our pets in shape is a part of keeping them healthy. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Bad weather and other events can keep us indoors for long periods of time. That doesn’t mean let the animal be a couch potato for the day. There are still fun ways to engage in play while indoors.

Hide-and-Seek: This game takes advantage of the stalking behavior inherent in both cats and dogs. You can use a squeaky toy to help your pet locate you. The more you play, the less you will have to rely on any tricks for your pet to find you. This is a fun game to play with cats, just be careful because they may try to jump on you while playing.

Tug-of-war: This classic game works by giving a pet a chew toy and then trying to tug it away from them. Very simple, but it’s effective.

Fetch: Surprisingly this one works for both dogs at cats. It’s a bit trickier to teach cats to play fetch, but it’s possible. Condition them to bring the toy to you by throwing it, then wait for them to pick it up. After they pick it up, call their names to make them come over to you. Take the toy away and throw it again. You may have to use reinforcement through treats at first until they get the pattern down.

Labyrinths: If you have a bunch of empty cardboard boxes, this one can be fun. Take the carboard boxes, cut out cat-sized holes, and stack them together to make a little maze. Cat’s love exploring, but if your cat needs a little motivation, you can put treats inside to entice them in.

These are just a few ideas you can use to engage your pet. If you are worried about weight issues with your pet, we are here to help. We can discuss your pet’s case and plan a course of action to help get him or her healthier.

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