Dog owners love giving toys to their dogs. It’s a lot of fun watching them have fun. However, just like humans, dogs eventually get bored with their toys. Other than just continuously buying them new toys, here are some tips for keeping them engaged.

Rotate Them: You’d be surprised how little time passes before an old toy feels new again if it’s hidden away. For some dogs, it only takes a couple of days before toys suddenly become interesting to them again. A good rule of thumb is to have a set of toys you rotate out with them once a week. If your dogs have a favorite toy they always play with, you can let them have access to it all the time.

Find out their preferences: Each dog is unique. Like us, dogs have their own preferences for the toys they like to play with. Find out what they like and try to make most of your toy purchases adhere to those preferences.

Make them interactive: Sometimes you must give the dog the initiative to play. This can mean using a chew toy in a game of tug or using a ball they’ve left neglected in a game of fetch. If they start to associate the toy with playtime, they might just go to it on their own voluntarily.

Dog toys are fun to play with. It’s no fun seeing them sit by the wayside. Try these tips if you’re dogs get bored with their toys.

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