As any cat owner knows, cats are strange creatures. They have their own ways and habits that can cause us to scratch our heads in confusion at times. Just why do they do some of these things? We’ll go over some of them below.

Knocking Heads: This is when cats basically headbutt their owners. This is a greeting. It’s also meant to mark you as theirs. Cats have scent glands on their face, and this scent gets rubbed off when they do this.

Kneading: This is when cats press their paws on their owner. They usually extend and retract their claws while doing it. This behavior comes from when they were kittens. While suckling, they would do this to stimulate milk flow. This motion usually indicates a happy cat.

Eating Food Off the Floor: Some cats, instead of eating out of their bowl, will scoop their food out with their paws and eat off the floor. This is usually because they are avoiding having their whiskers scrape against the sides of their bowl. Getting a low, wideset bowl might get them to stop.

Cats are interesting animals. They will come with their own unique quirks, but there are some that tend to be common across cats in general.

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