Heartworm disease is a serious illness as it can cause injury and even death. According to the American Heartworm Society, incidents of the disease are on the rise nationwide. With spring returning, it’s important to keep the risk of heartworm in mind when keeping your dogs outside. Mosquitos play a big role in the transference of the disease. They pick it up from infected animals and transfer it to non-infected animals. Below is an overview of what to look for.

The early stages of the disease don’t come with many symptoms. Usually, heartworm at this stage is only detectable by veterinary testing. Later stages will have symptoms though, such as:

• Persistent mild coughing

• Fatigue after moderate exercise

• Reluctance to move

• Decreased appetite

With heartworm, prevention is key. There are many heartworm prevention medications on the market. Limiting exposure to misquotes also helps. Having yearly screenings for heartworm disease is highly recommended as well.

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