Cats have evolved to hide signs of pain. As a predator, it is in their best interest not to show signs of weakness to prospective prey. Their cues signaling pain are subtle. This makes it harder for pet owners to know if their cat needs treatment. Here are some ways to identify if your cat is in pain.

• Lameness

• Temperament changes

• Shifting of weight

• Unwillingness to move

• Hunched-up posture

• Breathing changes

• Eating or drinking less

• Changes in grooming habits

• Struggles visiting the litterbox such as going outside the box, going less often, or howling while using the bathroom

One thing to remember when dealing with a cat in pain is to be careful when handling your pet. If your cat is in pain, it is more apt to bite you, even if it normally has a placid temperament. If you believe your cat is in pain, remember we are here to help. We can examine your pet to determine the cause of their pain.

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