Tick season is upon us. These little bloodsuckers climb on dogs and potentially transmit a variety of diseases. This makes it important to check for ticks whenever your dog has gone outside. Removing them before they can latch on is the best way to prevent tick-borne infection. While you should check for ticks everywhere on your dog’s body, we’re going to highlight six trouble areas that need special attention.

1. Underneath the tail

2. Around the genital region

3. Around the eyelids

4. Under the collar

5. Inside the ears

6. Between the toes

Most of these locations are either moist, dark, or both. Ticks love dark, dank environments so these areas are attractive to them. Be especially cognizant of the eyes. Ticks near the eyes are often mistaken for skin tags.

Ticks are pesky and potentially dangerous. Be wary whenever you take your dogs outside, so ticks don’t have the chance to make them their next meal.

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