Ticks love to hitch rides on the backs of animals. As pet owners, this puts us more at risk for encountering ticks and getting bit by them. Ticks can transmit a variety of illnesses; the most commonly discussed being Lyme disease. It’s a disease that, in the last 15 years, has become more common across the country. We are seeing cases in regions where the disease was previously unseen. The progression of this disease is subtle. Because of this, we will go over signs and symptoms of Lyme disease.

Early signs:

• Fever

• Chills

• Fatigue

• Rash at the site of the bite, often looks like a bullseye: This one is the most noticeable and signature sign of the disease.

Later signs:

• Severe Headaches

• Neck stiffness

• Arthritis with severe joint pain and swelling

• Facial palsy

• Nerve pain

• Short-term memory loss

Remember to always be vigilant with checking both your pet and yourself whenever you come back in from outside. Ticks are everywhere and can be found in most environments.

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