Summer is sizzling with temperatures continuing to rise. This can present problems for pets, particularly dogs. Dogs can only shed heat from their mouths and paws. This makes it harder for them to cool down. Other pets are also at risk as hundreds of accidents happen every year with leaving them in cars. Below, we’ll go over ways to protect your pets from the heat.

Don’t underestimate the heat: Even if you only plan on leaving your pet in the car for a few minutes, reconsider. Those few minutes are enough for a car to reach oven-like temperatures. Open windows and parking in the shade also only do so much.

Cars are not the only danger zone: Anywhere outside can present a danger. Asphalt is especially tricky as hot enough temperatures can burn paws. Also, since pets are closer to the ground, that heat gets transferred into them quicker. Try to keep walks to the cooler parts of the day.

Shade is everything for outside dogs: If you must keep your pets outside during the day, make sure that there is a source of shade for them at all hours. A common mistake is not considering how the sun’s position changes throughout the day. Areas that are shaded in the morning may not be in the afternoon. Also, make sure they always have access to water.

Summer can be fun, but it also comes with heat-related dangers. With the right amount of caution, the risks for pets can be mitigated.

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