Many dogs are uncomfortable at the vet’s office. It is a place where they get poked and prodded for reasons they don’t understand. This can lead to stress for the dog and, by extension, the owner. However, a trip to the vet’s office doesn’t have to be a harrowing experience. Below we will discuss some tips for making trips to the vet less stressful.

• Keep yourself calm: Dogs pick up on their owner’s emotions. If your pet senses that you are nervous, that will cause them to get more agitated.

• Call the vet in advance: If your dog is just not good with socializing with other animals, there is no shame in calling the vet’s office in advance and letting them know you’ll be waiting outside in your car until they are ready to see you.

• Contain your dog: Using a leash or a crate is always a good idea. Both can allow you to manage your dog’s behavior should he or she become restless.

• Get them used to the crate: If you use a crate, don’t just use it for vet appointments. They will come to associate its presence with the vet. Keep it in an area where it’s visible to them and occasionally feed them in the crate. This will help them associate it with events other than the vet.

• Exercise them before coming in: Assuming the appointment is not because they are sick or injured, exercise can help them expend excess energy. This means less energy for them to use for nervousness.

Going to the vet is an important part of being a dog owner. Appointments help us keep track of animal health and potentially catch conditions before they get out of control. If your pet gets anxious, try some of these tips for the next appointment.

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