Sarcoptic mange, otherwise known as scabies, is caused by a parasite known as sarcoptic scabiei. These little critters can lead to intense itching among other symptoms. Any dog can contract it at any time, so it’s important to know the symptoms. That way, proper treatment can begin.

Besides intense itching, symptoms of sarcoptic mange include:

• Skin rashes

• Hair loss

• Skin darkening and crusting over

Treatment options range from oral medication to medicated baths to injections. It depends on the specific situation and animal. Sarcoptic mange is contagious, so its highly recommended to keep a dog quarantined while being treated, especially if you have other pets. Also, either dispose of the dog’s bedding afterwards or frequently wash it in hot water that that is one-ounce bleach to one-gallon water.

If your dog is having issues with incessant itching and scratching, remember, we’re here to help. We will examine your dog to find out the cause and begin appropriate treatment.

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