Diabetes is a disorder caused by either a lack of insulin in the body or a lack of response to insulin. Like humans, our pets are at risk for developing it. Because the progression of it is different in cats and dogs, this article will explore symptoms and general information about diabetes in dogs. Knowing the signs of diabetes is important because then intervention can, hopefully, be made before it progresses into a full-blown disorder.

Signs Include:

• Excessive thirst

• Weight loss

• Chronic skin infections

• Increased urination

• Sweet-smelling “fruity” breath

• Changes in appetite

• Urinary tract infections

• Vomiting

• Cataract formation

Dogs typically develop type 1 diabetes. This is where the body doesn’t make enough insulin. Type 2 can be present but is less common. Obesity is a risk factor, but others include female gender, age, breed, and genetics. If you are concerned about the potential for diabetes, remember we are here to help. We can examine your dog to see if there are any signs of diabetes and advise on how to prevent it.

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