Botflies are parasitic insects that burrow into their hosts until they’ve reached maturity. Then they leave to find mates. Botflies can cause much harm depending on where they burrowed. Their burrows are also open to infection once they leave. Botflies target rabbits and rodents, so dogs usually become infected when they hunt rodents or investigate rabbit holes. Below are some signs of botfly infection.

• Lumps in the skin (will have a raised opening for breathing)

• Lesions

• Coughing

• Shortness of breath

• Fever

• Dizziness

• Paralysis

• Blindness

Where the botfly chooses to burrow determines which symptoms occur. Some go for the throat or lungs while others may go for the head. If you think your dog has a botfly infection, please bring him or her in. If the botfly is still there, we can safely remove it and treat the wound to prevent infection. Even if it has already left, we can help prevent infection from the abscess left behind.

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