Yeast is a useful ingredient for baking. Curious dogs, however, need to be wary of it. Life-threatening issues arise from eating raw bread dough. These conditions necessitate immediate intervention from a vet. The two biggest concerns are bloat and alcohol poisoning.

Yeast rises in warm, most environments. The inside of a dog’s stomach is such an environment. The carbon dioxide given off by rising dough will cause a dog’s stomach to bloat. If this gas causes enough pressure, it can cause the stomach lining to rupture. Rising yeast also creates ethanol, a type of alcohol. This ethanol will be absorbed directly into the dog’s bloodstream and can, in enough quantities, cause alcohol poisoning.

Either of these conditions are life-threatening. Quick intervention can make the difference in how severe the issue becomes. If you ever find that your dog has consumed raw bread tough, get him or her to a vet immediately.

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