Our pets can make great travelling companions. However, they can present potential dangers when it comes to distracted driving. There are also dangers the car environment can have for dogs as well. With proper precautions, car rides with pets can be an enjoyable experience for both them and owners.

Here are some general safety tips for traveling with pets:

• Don’t drive with them in your lap: This can cause distraction and put them at risk of injury should the airbags deploy.
• Keep them restrained: There are a few different methods of doing this. One is specially made pet seatbelts. You could also put them in a crate or behind a barrier. A crate is good as you can put in their bedding and familiar dog toys to give them a safe comfortable space.
• Have water and treats available for the pet: Just like humans, pets do get thirsty and hungry on car rides.
• Be sure to stop regularly: Pets need potty breaks too.
• Do not leave your pet in a hot car: Even just a few minutes in a hot car can be enough to cause heat-related trauma. The windows being cracked does not make a significant difference.
• Do not carry them in a truck bed: This is unless you have a crate specifically designed for truck bed travel. If they are loose, they can easily fall out of the truck or jump off themselves. Having them tied by a leash can present a choking hazards as the dogs could still try to jump out of the truck.

Travel with pets can be fun, and even more so when everyone is safe.

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