Winter is almost here. Many places are already experiencing freezing temperatures. This change in weather brings potential health hazards to pets. Below are some tips for keeping your pets healthy and happy.


  • Get cozy bedding: While it might be warmer inside the house than out, floors can still be cold. A nice cozy bed keeps your pet from sleeping on a cold floor.
  • Pet-proof heaters: Dogs will seek out warm spots in winter. This can lead to them snuggling too close to heat sources. Make sure that there’s a way to keep your pets from getting too close to them. This is especially true with fireplaces.
  • Trim the hair between your dog’s toes: If your pet has furry paws, this is very important. Trimming the hair between his or her paws reduces ice and snow getting trapped there.
  • Go outside when the sun shines: If you can, try to time longer walks during the late morning or early afternoon hours. This is usually when temperatures are warmer.
  • Think about investing in a coat: This is especially true for short-haired dogs or dogs with thin coats. A good coat should stretch from the neck to the base of the tail and cover the belly.


There are many winter hazards to watch out for. Vigilance goes a long way towards protecting our furry friends.

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