Dogs can be employed for a wide variety of tasks. Two great jobs are service dogs and emotional support dogs. However, both categories of work have important distinctions that must be known. We will outline them below.


Service dogs are trained to help individuals with disabilities. For example, seeing dogs who aid blind people. By law, service dogs can accompany their handlers where they need to go. That is unless the service dog’s behavior is disruptive.


Emotional support dogs provide comfort to those with mental health disabilities. There is no specific training required to become an emotional support dog. They can be house pets. Licensed mental health providers can classify pets as emotional support dogs via signed paperwork. Unlike service dogs, owners cannot take emotional support dogs to places where dogs are otherwise prohibited. The only exceptions are for housing and airplanes. Though, some states are more accommodating towards emotional support dogs in public than others.


Service dogs and emotional support dogs provide valuable contributions to the lives of their handlers. Let’s celebrate the great support of dogs and other support animals. Their service is important and vital.

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