One destructive habit dogs can have is digging. No one wants to come home and find that his or her yard now looks like the surface of the moon. How does one deal with this issue? Here are some potential solutions.


Oftentimes dogs dig because they’re bored. Alleviating that boredom and helping them spend that excess energy are two good ways to curtail digging. Make sure the dog has access to fun toys or playmates and that the dog is getting enough playtime during the day.


Dogs may also dig to hunt prey that wanders into the yard. Keeping the pests out can prevent the dog from digging. Find humane methods to fence out burrowing animals or repel them from coming into the yard. Avoid using poison because, if it can poison a pest, it can poison your pet.


Comfort might also be a reason for digging. Dogs may dig in the summer to lay in the cool dirt. Make sure they are provided a shelter that keeps out the rain and wind and is resistant to cold and hot weather.


In the end, whatever the reason for digging, it will take time and patience to break the habit. Keep that in mind if you are struggling with a digging dog.

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