Noise anxiety referrers to fear and stress a dog experiences after being exposed to noise. This noise can be loud booms like fireworks and thunder or high-pitched noises like alarms. It’s a common condition affecting between 5-15 million dogs in the U.S. It can lead to issues such as digging, barking, and other, more destructive behaviors. Since it’s such a common issue, it’s important to know how to effectively treat it.


  • Have a safe-space prepared for the dog, such as a blanket-covered crate or a dog bed tucked into a closet. Try to choose a safe-area in a place that will reduce whatever noise is upsetting the dog.
  • Pressure wraps can have a great effect. While no one knows for sure why, the gentle pressure helps keep dogs’ clam. Try putting one on them when you know an event like a thunderstorm or firework show is set to happen.
  • Desensitize them to the sound. Expose them to low levels of the triggering noise and increase the volume as the dogs get used to it.
  • Ask a veterinarian about medication. There are FDA approved medications out there to help with noise anxiety, such as Sileo and Pexion. These are only available with a vet’s prescription.


If stress symptoms are severe, do not hesitate to call on us. We can examine your pet and discuss ways to deal with the problem.

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