Nail clipping can be a stressful task for dog owners and their pets. However, it is important. Skipping out on this grooming habit can have negative outcomes for pets, such as:


  • Long nails cause foot pain: Short-term pain is caused by the nails, when touching the ground, exerting force into the nailbed. Long-term pain is caused by realigning the joints of the foreleg.
  • Long nails can curve and grow into the pad of the foot, causing pain.
  • Long nails are more likely to get torn or split.
  • Long nails can hamper a dog’s ability to walk or run efficiently.
  • Long nails are more prone to nail infections.


In the wild, running along hard surfaces helps wear down nails, meaning nail trimming is not needed as much. Domesticated dogs, especially indoor dogs, do not get this friction. This allows the nails to grow more than they otherwise would. Clipping nails is important for preventing pain and potential deformity.

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