Spring is here, and soon, people will begin preparing their gardens for the year. Gardening is a rewarding activity. It gets people outdoors and can result is some beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables. However, gardening can also present some health risks for pets. Here are some tips for making a garden pet-safe.


  • Watch out for poisonous plants: Certain vegetables and flowers can be toxic to pets. Do your homework on those before planting them in your garden. Some examples include lilies, lavender, and chamomile.
  • Beware of certain pesticides: Many pesticides have chemicals that, when ingested, are toxic to pets. Try to switch to pet-friendly brands, or at least keep your pet confined away from the garden until the pesticides dry.
  • Beware of certain types of mulch: Certain mulches can be toxic to pets. For example, cocoa bean mulch is potentially deadly for dogs.
  • Fence off hazard areas: If you cannot go without certain types of pesticides, mulches, or plants, erect a fence around the area to keep pets out.


When gardening, be sure to keep your pet’s safety in mind. A little legwork goes a long way to preventing problems.

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