With the coming of spring, dog owners may start to notice some things happening around the house. Little tumbleweeds of hair may start rolling around the floor and the furniture may take on the same coloring as the family dog. This is because of spring shedding. During this time a year, many dogs will start to shed their winter coats and begin to grow out their summer ones. This is a natural process, but there are some things to look out for.


  • Bald spots: Normal, healthy shedding usually does not leave bald spots. At most, there may be some unevenness in coat growth. If your dog is developing bald spots, bring him or her in for an examination.
  • Hair tangles: Shedding fur can get caught up in a dog’s coat and form knots and tangles. These knots can rub against a dog’s skin and irritate it.
  • Open sores: The above-mentioned hair tangles can cause open sores on a dog. Open sores could also be caused by other issues that need veterinary attention.


The main thing to do when dealing with dog shedding is to brush. Brushing a dog’s coat helps collect excess hair. The less excess hair on the dog, the less there is to shed on the rest of the house. Brushing also helps prevent hair tangles. It’s also just healthy for the dog’s coat in general.

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