It is important to keep your pet’s weight in a healthy range. Just as in humans, an unhealthy weight can cause problems. These include cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and diabetes. Here are some ways to check at home whether a dog is at an unhealthy weight.

The most classic test is the rib test. When looking down at your dog, you should not be able to see his or her ribs. Place your hands on the side of the chest area and see if you can feel the ribs. If you can’t easily feel them, then your dog is probably overweight.

Another angle to look at your dog from is the side. Your dog should be wider at the chest and thinner at the abdomen. If this shape is not there, or if the abdomen is prominent, then the dog is most likely overweight.

If you are concerned about your dog’s weight, bring him or her in for a checkup. We will be able to determine if your dog’s weight is unhealthy. If it is, we can plan ways to help manage weight back to a healthy level.

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