It’s not uncommon to see a dog riding in an open truck bed. However, is it a good idea to let them do this? According to the American Humane Society, it’s not. They estimate that over 100,000 dogs die each year from injuries related to riding in a truck bed.

The main issue is that, if left unleashed, dogs can be thrown out of a truck bed or jump out of their own accord. This can lead to them getting hit by other cars or suffering injuries from hitting the road at high speeds. Putting them on a leash is only so helpful as this comes with its own problems. In this environment, leashes can easily become strangulation risks. Also, the metal/plastic flooring of truck beds can present burn risks if the sun is beating down on them.

The best way to transport a pet in a truck bed is to put him or her in a crate. The crate will provide some protection from the elements and eliminate the risk of the dog jumping out. Make certain that the crate is securely tied to the walls of the truck bed so it can’t slide or be tossed out.

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