The answer is, “yes”. If cats lose weight too quickly, it can lead to health complications. The most serious of these is fatty liver disease. While overweight cats can develop it, cats who lose weight too quickly can also get it. This is because, with rapid weight loss, cat’s livers are not efficient enough to keep up with the breakdown of fat. This causes fat to be stored in the liver instead and that leads to decreased function, which can be fatal if not treated. However, there are safe ways to help a cat lose weight.

For some perspective, two pounds of weight loss in most cats is equivalent to about 28 pounds in a 140-pound adult woman. For most cats on a weight loss plan, it’s recommended that they lose 0.5-2% of their body weight per week. It’s ok to lose less than that per week if the cat’s weight is trending towards a healthier zone.

For most cats, weight loss is a matter of switching to healthier food, eating less food, and getting more exercise. Try to implement these changes gradually so that the cat’s body gets used to everything steadily. Remember, if you believe your cat is overweight, we are here to help. We can discuss with you ways to help promote a healthier weight and lifestyle for your cat.

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