Caucasian man being licked by large brown dog with text "Benefits of Adopting an Older Pet"

The typical adoption story usually involves going to a shelter and finding a new puppy or kitten. While puppies need to be adopted as well, there is an issue when it comes to adopting senior pets. Shelters routinely report having a harder time finding homes for older pets. However, some benefits come with taking in a senior pet. Here is a list.

  • There are fewer surprises. Pets can undergo behavioral changes when growing from puppy/kittenhood to adulthood. Some of these may not be for the better. With an older pet, their personality is pretty much set. It may change slightly after moving to a new home, but most of the time, what you see is what you get with older pets.
  • Older pets can cost less. Much of the cost of adopting a new pet occurs early on, especially when it comes to veterinary care. Puppies and kitten need multiple vaccinations, dewormings, and spay/neuter surgeries. Most of the time, older pets have these issues taken care of. Also, the adoption fees for older pets are often lower.
  • Older pets can have better manners. Most older pets have gotten used to socializing with humans and other animals. A pully will require these skills to be taught. They are also usually past the destruction phase younger pets can have.

Senior pets are just as capable of providing love and affection as their younger counterparts. When it comes to pet adoption, try to keep an open mind about adopting an older pet.

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