Silhouette of a girl with a dog with text "Grieving the Loss of a Pet"

The loss of a pet is a major event in a pet owner’s life. It’s a huge loss that can have a profound impact on people. It’s not something that should be brushed off as it can take months or even years for some people to grieve. While no one’s path of healing is the same, here are some general things to keep in mind with grieving a pet.

Let the process happen naturally. Grieving can’t be forced or hurried. There is no “normal” timeline for this. Some people may feel better within weeks, others months, some may even take years. What’s important is to allow the process to unfold as it will. Forcing someone through grief can make things worse. Also, ignoring the pain and bottling it up is also a mistake.

Reach out to others who have lost pets. Ideally, family and friends are the best ones to turn to. However, if they prove unsympathetic, there are many resources available to get in touch with other grieving pet owners. These include online message boards, pet loss hotlines, and pet loss support groups.

Look after yourself. The emotional stress of loss can lead to one not looking after physical and emotional needs. Neglecting these areas will make it harder to get through the grieving process.

Pets play a big role in our lives. It only makes sense that the loss of them is painful. When it comes to grieving, it’s important to let it happen.

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