Grey and tan dog on a leash with text "Benefits of Exercise for Your Dog"

Like humans, dogs need to exercise to be happy and healthy. The consequences of dogs not getting the right amount of exercise include obesity and inappropriate behavior. Consult your veterinarian about finding an exercise program best suited for the breed, temperament, and age of your dog. Dogs need to get at least twenty minutes of exercise three times each week.

Walking is a common way for dogs to exercise. It’s good for owners too. If you are new to walking your dog, begin with short, casual walks and take breaks. You can proceed to more challenging walks with your dog, but you should balance between easy and challenging walks in your dog’s exercise program. In addition to walking, other forms of exercise your dog may enjoy are playing fetch, swimming, and playing with another dog.

A successful exercise program will improve your dog’s physical and mental health.

  1. Your dog will have stronger bones and muscles as well as a lower risk of obesity.
  2. Exercise will make your dog mentally active and it will reduce boredom.
  3. Your dog’s behavior will improve, and confidence will be boosted.
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