Face of a black cat with text "October is Black Cat Awareness Month"

Black cats’ public image based in fiction has created some real-life problems for them. Black cats are considered bad luck and have played a role in superstitions, mythology and folklore for centuries. Since the middle ages, black cats have been associated with witches, as in Halloween. Other superstitions connect black cats with bad luck (for example: a black cat crossing your path or a black cat turning its back on you).

Black cats have a hard time getting adopted out of shelters for many reasons. All the superstitions surrounding black cats relate to some of the lowest adoption rates and the highest euthanasia rates of all furry felines.

Many shelters refuse to adopt out black cats during Halloween. However, the next time you are considering adopting or fostering, why not adopt a black cat to the family?

Five Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat

  1. Black cats are least likely to get adopted!
  2. Black goes with everything
  3. Black cats make great friends
  4. Black cats are striking, particularly when they have green or yellow eyes
  5. Love knows no color! A black cat doesn’t care what color someone’s hair is!

While some people cling to the superstitions that back cats are unlucky, anyone who has the pleasure of having one will enjoy years of loving companionship instead.

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