Three dogs wearing ghost costumes and a jack-o-lantern with text "Halloween Safety Tips"

Halloween is a festive time for children and families. But what about pets? Fear, anxiety, and costumed visitors all pose threats to our pets. All Hollow’s Eve can be a spooky night for our furry companions, but keeping pets safe doesn’t have to be tricky.

Here are a few Halloween safety tips that can help pets enjoy a safe and spectacular holiday this year.

Death by Chocolate – All forms of chocolate can be dangerous or even lethal for dogs and cats. Just remember Trick-or-Treat candies are not for pets.

Trick-or-Treat! – Keep pets confined and away from the door. Strangers appearing on the door steps in unusual costumes can be scary and cause stress for our four legged friends.

Decorations – Beware of carved jack-o-lanterns. Pets can easily knock over a lit pumpkin and start a fire.

ID’s, please! – If a dog or cat escapes and becomes lost, proper identification will increase chances that he or she will be returned.

While Halloween can be a fun time for children and families, remember our four-legged pets are depending on us keeping them safe from goblins and ghouls.

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