White cat behind a glass mug with text "Naughty Kitty?"

Cats have some funny traits. For example, playing inside a paper bag, jumping into confined spaces, and following it’s human into the bathroom are just a few of the adorable quirks. But the big question is, “Why do cats like to knock things over?”.

A common explanation for this behavior is that cats are following their instinct to play and hunt. Let’s explore some of the theories to this misunderstood behavior.

Curiosity killed the cat. They use their paws to explore and investigate. They paw at the object to see if it moves or not.

Things that move require further investigation. A cat’s instinct is stimulated by movement. A housefly sitting on a glass will catch the eye of the tiger.

Cats love to climb and be high in their environment, and height provides the advantage for stalking prey and keeping themselves safe from predators.

Another possible theory is cats may knock things over to get their owner’s attention.

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