Owner walking their dog wearing a jacket in the winter with text "Keep Rover Safe for Fall / Winter Walks"

The smells of pumpkin spice floating in the air, piles of crispy leaves, frosty mornings, and a perfect time to take Rover for a walk. Unfortunately, it’s not always fun or comfortable to walk a dog in the fall or winter. If your normal dog walking routine occurs before leaving for work in the mornings or after arriving at home in the evenings, its likely dark out. Add colder temps, and possibly snow and rain, and the walk can become dangerous.

Our furry friends take delight in accompanying their owners on walks. While the weather continues to cool down, there are a few things to keep in mind while walking with your furry friend.

• Make sure you are visible during the dark hours. Carry a flashlight, wear a reflective jacket or vest, and use a reflective leash and collar on the pet.
• With frigid temps, frostbite, and hypothermia being a real concern, make sure Rover is protected with a nice warm sweater.
• Protect the feet. Healthy feet are important as de-icers and rock salt can burn dog paws and might cause illness if they lick it.
• Keep pets safe with up to date tag information in the event Rover bolts or chases the neighbor’s cute kitty.

Taking a few precautions while enjoying fall and winter walks with your dog can still be fun and safe.

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