Two brown dogs with their nose in the grass with text "Why is My Dog Eating Dirt?"

While some people express disgust or surprise when they see their dog eating dirt, this action is common amongst many dogs. If you notice your pooch eating dirt, it’s not necessarily a bad sign, or is it? Eating dirt could be the beginning of an underlying medical condition.

Mineral deficiencies might be one reason that dogs eat dirt. If their standard food lacks in certain minerals, the dog may revert to its natural instincts to desperately seek nutrition from the ground. Consider switching dog foods and proving some variety in the diet.

In other situations, a dog may eat dirt if it’s stomach is upset. If the dog is eating a lot of dirt at once, it might indicate that something is wrong with the bowels or stomach.

A less serious cause of eating dirt is simply that the dog is going after something tasty, like bacon or hamburger grease under a grill. And then there are dogs who just enjoy eating dirt.

Just remember, dirt eating is something to pay attention to and investigate. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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