Striped cat sitting with text "Cat Scooting Boogie"

Cat scooting? First and foremost, what is cat scooting? Scooting is a cat dragging its butt along the floor. Usually, this behavior is seen with dogs. While it may look funny or strange, cat scooting could signal a medical problem that needs to be addressed.

What could cause a scooting kitty?

• Internal parasites. Tapeworms could be the nasty culprit. One way to tell if the kitty has tapeworms is to check the poop. If tapeworms are present, they will look like grains of white rice. However, some parasites cannot be seen with the bare eye. Other parasite infestations could show symptoms of diarrhea or constipation, weight loss, or a potbelly.

• Allergic reactions. Some allergies are caused by the environment such as fleas, mites, molds, or grasses. Food allergies could also be an issue.

• Anal Gland problems. Cats have fewer anal glands than dogs. Cats have two glands that are used to mark their territory with smelly liquid. Every now and again, these glands may become impacted. In the event of an impacted gland, kitty could have an infection.

If kitty is scooting on your new carpet, it’s time to discuss with the veterinarian the cause and best course of action to relieve the itchy bottom.

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