Gray and yellow, striped cat plays in a cardboard box with text "For The Love of Cardboard"

Every cat owner knows kitty toys can’t compare to the allure of a cardboard box. Those empty boxes may be headed out for curbside trash pickup, but Kitty cannot get enough of them.

Why are cats drawn to cardboard castles?
Cats instinctively adore being in tiny and confined spaces. The instinct to hide in small spaces protects them from predators in their surroundings. The small spaces provide an oasis of peace and allows them to watch out for other animals.

Did curiosity kill the cat? The combination of natural curiosity with the instinct to hide makes cardboard boxes attractive. Of course, this attraction doesn’t just go for cardboard boxes, but paper bags as well.

Another big reason cats love a good cardboard box is for warmth. According to Dr. Ernie Ward, DVM of the Pet Health Network, a cat’s normal body temperature is about 100°F to 102°F. Most homes are kept around 72°F. Cardboard boxes are ideal sleeping areas because of the thermal insulation the cardboard provides.

Cats love being alone; it’s their nature. Cardboard boxes are perfect (economical) pet beds and provide the best hiding spots. It’s a great surface for Kitty to sharpen her claws and stretch her muscles too.

So, the next time you see Kitty chilling in a cardboard box, there’s a good chance she doesn’t want anything to do with you, but wishes you would turn up the heat. It’s a win-win situation: repurpose a box for a furry friend to feel safe from the outside world.

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