The head of a small, white dog with text "Ear Infections in Dogs"

Does your dog paw at her ears, repeatedly shaking her head, or have a foul odor or discharge in her ears? She could have an ear infection.

Symptoms may include an unpleasant odor or discharge from the ear, scratching or shaking of the head, soreness, and/or swelling of the ear flap. What causes such discomfort to our fur babies? The medical term is otitis externa or inflammation of the external ear, and it’s a common ailment in dogs.

Otitis externa has many possible causes:
• Flea allergies
• Ear mites
• Hormone imbalances
• Wax buildup
• Autoimmune disorders
• Other allergies such as skin and food sensitivities

Ear infections are a common and often recurrent problem in many dogs, but with the help of a veterinarian, you can keep your dog’s ears clean and comfortable. If the dog is showing signs of an ear infection, seek treatment right away to ensure the problem does not worsen.

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