A white cat with an open mouth with text "Presents: Caterwauling Felines"

Merriam-Webster dictionary describes caterwaul as a way to express dissatisfaction, pain, or resentment. For example, many kids during summer vacation tend to caterwaul about the lack of things to do. Caterwauling is hard to describe when the feline takes up a chorus line in the middle of the night. A disturbing sound that is a cross between a yowl and a whine. It can be melodic or melodramatic. It’s persistent. It can mean, “Hey human, pay attention.”

With all the feline vocalizing, the cat is trying to communicate with other cats or even its human. Hissing and purring is also added to the harmony of kitty communication. But why does kitty yodeling happen at night? Cats are naturally nocturnal beings and meowing at night could mean several things. Here are a few things kitty is caterwauling about at night:
• I’m lonely
• I’m bored
• I think I’m hungry
• I am thirsty
• I want outside
• I want inside

Elderly cats suffering from mental confusion may meow if they become disoriented – a frequent symptom of feline version of Alzheimer’s Disease.

What can be done about the nightly yowling choruses? The first port of call is to consider a visit to the vet’s office to assure there is nothing physically wrong with the cat. Other things to help with the nighttime singing sessions is to keep the cat active during the day and try feeding him later in the evening.

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