A gray dog wearing a human's suit with text "Managing Fur Co-Workers"

Working from home has it perks, logging in at the kitchen table with a mug of steaming coffee and dressed in our favorite PJs with our furry babies lying under the table. Dogs are loving this new concept, but cats on the other hand wonder when we are going to leave the house. The downside of working from home is that important meetings are interrupted by an array of barking to announce a package delivery or walking across the keyboard and peering into the webcam.

The reason many of us say yes to working from home, is because our best friend is there! Instead of fighting the traffic to arrive at work on time, we can take our dog for a morning walk. But how do we keep our pets entertained during work hours?

Despite the convenience of work from home, dogs can get a bit loud at times. Here are a few tips to help ensure peace and quiet during those important calls with the boss and clients.

• Go for a walk before work – a tired dog is a good dog. A 30-minute walk allows the dog to sniff and see what “Facebook messages” or “Newspaper articles” were left by other animals since their last outing. Sniffing is exhausting.

• Engaging toys – snuffle mats, treat-dispensing toys, and lick mats make great long-lasting distractions when filled with peanut butter or favorite treats.

• Don’t give in to the dog’s attention demands – Purina recommends totally ignoring the dog when they try to gain attention such as whining, barking, pawing, and nudging. Once they realize they’re not getting the attention they want, they will find something to do or take a nap. Reward the dog for lying down quietly.

When working from home, remember the dog will need to get used to the new situation. With a little time and some modifications, the work will flow and the furry co-worker gets to sit in on the job every day.

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